Piano Quintet (2007)

Duration: 22:00 minutes

Instrumentation: 2 violins, viola, cello, piano

Premiere: May 22, 2007 by Nicholas Naegele and Isaac Thompson, violins, Nicholas Jeffery, viola, Michael Ronstadt, cello and Michael Ippolito, piano


     My Piano Quintet is a large work in four movements, each concerned with the interaction of the piano with the string quartet. In the first movement, the piano is isolated from the quartet before it bursts forth in a dramatic entrance. The second movement is a scherzo; the joke or game of this movement is that the piano and strings never play at the same time until the bizarre ending. The third movement is a grazioso pianissimo dance in which the piano and strings trade ideas and play off each other in subtle ways. The final movement is the longest, beginning with a completely unified texture in the piano and strings before breaking off into far-flung territory.